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Lot 5


Registration Number: ALX 222
Chassis Number: S827298D/N
Engine Number: V6588-8

Estimate: £100,000 - £120,000
Bidding ended. Lot is unsold.

‘The excellence of the Jaguar XK150 is now proverbial’ MotorSport Magazine.

The XK150 was first revealed in 1957, it was the third incarnation of the hugely successful XK series. The XK150 is the “grown-up big brother” of the iconic trio, it drives better and looks bolder. The improvements made to the XK150 are arguably the most radical steps forward in Jaguar’s history. Nowadays the car is highly prized by all car enthusiasts and occupies a key position in Jaguar’s brand history.

On comparison it is clear that the XK150 has a stronger, more “masculine” appearance than its predecessors. It has a wider grille and raised flanks, the car looks more capable then its siblings. Further stylistic innovations brought the XK150 seamlessly into the era of the swinging sixties. The single wrap-around windscreen, for example, was brought in to replace the dated split screen of the XK140. Our ALX 222 is finished in a fine red and contrasted with black leather interior. The chrome wire wheels and grille highlight the fine lines of the vehicle. The dashboard has classic sixties styling and is finished in a timeless brushed walnut veneer. This car is as good to look at as it is to drive.

The performance of the XK150 is famed. Improvements made to the XK engine increased speed and power output. The XK150 would well exceed 100mph and at the time of release was among the fastest cars in production. Moreover, the Jaguar XK150 had disc brakes on all four wheels, this move was revolutionary and enabled the car to be as good as stopping as it was at going. In 1958 MotorCar Magazine comment ‘The combination of high speed, very vivid acceleration and safe handling qualities, of which the disc braking is especially praiseworthy, render the Jaguar a superb super sports car’. Even by todays standards the XK150 succeeds at awarding the greatest driving pleasure.

ALX 222 is sold with a good collection of service history. As well as this it comes with proof of its “moment of fame”, a copy from when it appeared on the front cover of the Sunday Express. Included in the history is reference to a number of services conducted by previous owners. The car now stands in storage, where it is started regularly. It is a truly beautiful example of the model.

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